The national project "Quality Education"Educated Nation"

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Advanced training courses for teachers of secondary schools implementing inclusive education (hereinafter referred to as the Courses) are implemented by the KSU "Department of Education of the City of Almaty".

·        The Public Foundation "International Foundation for the Promotion of Education in the CIS" is guided by the goals and objectives set out in the national project "Quality Education"Educated Nation", approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 12, 2021 No. 726, the roadmap for the implementation of the Development Program of the city of Almaty until 2025 and medium-term prospects until 2030 and conducts advanced training courses for teachers implementing inclusive education in secondary schools of the city.

·        The beneficiaries of the Courses are directors, deputy directors, psychologists, speech pathologists, speech therapists, classroom teachers and subject teachers of schools in Almaty.

Goal: - improving the professional competence of teachers of psychologists, speech therapists, special teachers, teaching assistants, directors, deputy directors for the organization and implementation of inclusive practice in secondary schools; - improvement of professional skills of teachers through the study of international practice of inclusive education, innovative approaches and new solutions in teaching children with special educational needs (OOP); - improving the quality of educational services for inclusive education in schools in Almaty. Term of services: until December 1, 2023. Place of rendering services: Almaty city.

·        Tasks: - to form system knowledge and ideas about inclusive education among employees of secondary schools; - to teach algorithms and methods of psychological and pedagogical assessment of OOP of children in educational institutions; - to form the skills of teachers and special educators in the adaptation and individualization of educational programs and methods of teaching children with OOP; - to train special teachers, speech therapists, psychologists in methods and technologies of psychological and pedagogical support for children with OOP: examination, drawing up individual development programs and providing psychological and pedagogical assistance.